ENHANCED ENGINEERING for metal roof replacements


Meet Uplift Design Requirements

Having trouble meeting wind uplift requirements in the edge and corner zones? Problem solved. Our innovative deflection limiter allows TopHat to be installed between existing purlins to meet virtually any uplift design requirements.

Sturdy and Customizable Shape

The TopHat roofing system features a shape unlike other retrofit metal roofing options. Sturdier than a traditional "zee," a TopHat roof does not require additional bracing for tall members. Plus, the special TopHat design can accommodate virtually any existing metal roof and can be roll-formed to custom lengths as needed.

Code-Conforming Features

The TopHat roofing system helps your new roof meet or exceed the latest national commercial building codes and provides a safe structural enhancement to your building.

  • The increased dead-load strength allows for additional rooftop equipment and fire sprinkler systems to be installed, increases the snow-load capacity of the roof, and helps support the increased weight of the roof.
  • The combination of increased uplift strength and ability to install clips at various spacing intervals allows the roof to meet tough engineering design and helps the roof meet new wind-load requirements.