Welcome to TopHat™ Roof Framing Systems

TopHat offers the industry’s most advanced roofing retrofit framing solutions through three innovative product lines. Need strengthening? Considering economy options? Challenged with corrugated roof panels or obsolete roofing systems?

Let TopHat design the best retrofit roof system for your unique project. Superior energy efficiency, a stronger structural profile, and enhanced compliance with strengthened codes make TopHat's retrofit solutions the smartest choice! And TopHat's personalized design and engineer services and easily move your project from solution to site.


3 Product Lines. 1 Great Retrofit Solution.



TopHat Advantage

TopHat is different from other metal-over-metal retrofit outfits. We offer 3 innovative product lines and specialize in retrofit problem-solving for custom solutions. TopHat operates under a “Solution to Site” motto, meaning we provide support from the moment a project crosses your desk straight through to shipment of our patented TopHat retrofit materials. Use TopHat’s Original Strengthening Retrofit to enhance the existing building’s structural profile and meet uplift design requirements. Quik-Clip Economy Retrofit is designed for simple retrofits over corrugated, transite, and low-profile panels.


TopHat 101

TopHat is an industry leader in metal-over-metal retrofit solutions. Install a new metal roof over virtually any existing metal roof with our 3 innovative product lines. TopHat offers stronger, more affordable retrofit options for the savvy metal roofing professional looking for alternative in today’s market.

Why Retrofit

As metal roofs deteriorate across America, metal-over-metal retrofit is booming. TopHat’s metal retrofit solutions make everyone happy, from business owner to contractor to design professional. Benefits of a TopHat retrofit may include significant cost savings, minimal business interruption, enhanced structural integrity, simplified construction, enhanced compliance with building codes, increased energy efficiency, and improved worker safety.



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