TopHat's new Pitch Clip Retrofit is a slope conversion solution.  This innovative clip reduces labor costs of built-up retrofit framing systems for the new roof of an old flat roof structure.  Pitch Clip is another of TopHat's newest products so contact us for more details.  With our new array of retrofit solutions, we will design the strongest, cheapest retrofit for your unique project.

2013 Pitch Clip Brochure


Pitch Clip Innovations

Innovation #1 Buy the System, Not the Roof: Pitch Clip returns some choice to customers in the slope conversion retrofi t world. Use a roof you select on your next slope conversion retrofi t, not one packaged with the system. By providing only the system, TopHat leaves the contractor, owner, or architect to select the rest based on each project’s unique specifi cations.

Innovation #2 Accurately Set Height & Pitch: Dial in fi nal height and pitch to perfection with Pitch Clip. Pitch Clip’s unique alignment notch allows the Clip’s bottom section to rotate easily to the desired roof pitch. Avoid unnecessary complication and frustration in this critical step of slope conversion construction.

Innovation #3 Complete Engineered System: Need a slope conversion retrofi t system that’s up to code? Pitch Clip delivers. TopHat Pitch Clip is a complete engineered system. Drawings stamped with a PE stamp and reviewed for installation are available.


Regardless of your role in a retrofit roofing project, you can choose Pitch Clip with confidence. 2013 Pitch Clip Brochure