Innovative Quik-Clip System

Quik-Clip System

TopHat's new Quik-Clip Economy Retrofit is specifically designed for corrugated and low-profile roof panels. Offering all the benefits of a traditional retrofit, it is an ideal choice for projects that may not require the super-strengthening properties of TopHat's Original Strengthening Retrofit on anything from agricultural buildings to industrial buildings with transite cladding. Quik-Clip is TopHat's newest product so contact us for more details. With our new array of retrofit solutions, we will design the strongest, most economical retrofit for your unique project.

Quik-Clip on Transite

The unique properties of a transite roof call for TopHat Quik-Clip's unique retrofit solution, enabling installation of a flat overlay despite roof variations. This is accomplished by using clips of varying heights specifically designed for the different thicknesses of transite panels. Clip height variations allow channels to sit above the existing roof's purlins at a consistent height.

"Swedge" Technology

Quik-Clip's innovative design features "swedged" channels that fit together much like downspouts. Each channel is recessed on one end so it can lay flush under the higher, un-recessed side of the next channel. This ensures that the upper level of the channels creates a level plane upon which the new roof can be installed.

Improve Structural Integrity

Some Quik-Clip retrofits may increase negative and positive loads of the new roof system. By using an overlay system, positive loads like snow weight are held away from the existing roof panels. By using a deflection limiter system with a sturdy structural attachment between existing purlins, the new roof system may have the ability to meet higher load requirements imposed by new building codes.

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