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Retrofit Your Corrugated Roof

by Tim Lane

Corrugated roofing has been around for more than 100 years. It has been made out of various materious such as aluminum, steel, FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) or cement (transite). Though it has fallen a little out of favor, most types of corrugated roof are still produced and sold by all major manufacturers.

Retrofit Your Metal Roof

by Casey Wendelburg

In the current economy, building owners and architects are looking for ways to save money or get the most value out of their renovation projects. Retrofit roofing projects provide a lot more benefits than just upgrading the look of your building. Often, these additional benefits are available at little to no additional cost.

High-Visibility Project Gets High-Performance Metal Roof Overlay

by Krista Hovis

Zelma George Recreation Center is a focal point in the residential Cleveland neighborhood where it is located. It houses a basketball court, a roller rink, exercise areas and a running track. Surrounding the building are trees, baseball fields, and an outdoor track. The center has a park-like atmosphere and constantly is being utilized by the families in the area.

Going Retro - Replace pricey roof replacments with a retrofit

by Casey Wendelburg

Many building owners, roofing consultants and architects will need to replace a metal roof at some point. This need may be simply aesthetic: trading an old, worn-out roof for a new, attractive standing-seam metal roof. Or more practical reasons could include fixing leaks, improving energy efficiency or meeting new building code requirements.

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