Corrugated roofing has been around for more than 100 years. It has been made out of various materious such as aluminum, steel, FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) or cement (transite). Though it has fallen a little out of favor, most types of corrugated roof are still produced and sold by all major manufacturers.

An old corrugated roof can be a challenge to deal with. Between irregularities of the original panel, height changes from overlapping panels, and general age/deterioration, an old corrugated roof can create a very uneven mounting surface for a metal reroof making it tempting to remove the old roof entirely. Fortunately, TopHat Framing Systems has a solution!

Utilizing the Quick-Clip at various heights allows the installer to accommodate variations in the existing roof and successfully install a metal roof overlay. When installed properly, a corrugated retrofit with Quik-Clips and TopHat can benefit engineers, building owners, architects, and contractors alike. Enhanced strength, cost savings, ease of installation and safety top the list.

  • Safety: Choosing to retrofit an old corrugated roof enhances safety for installers. Leaving the old roof in place can decrease the fall hazard and creates a sturdy lay-down area for materials.
  • Cost: Out-of-pocket costs for removal and disposal of an old corrugated roof may be much higher than the long-term return on investment savings associated with the installation of new roofing panels. The removal process can be time consuming and, in many instances, will disrupt operations of the building. These expenses often far exceed the cost of a roof retrofit.
  • Ease of installation: Corrugated retrofit systems are easy to install. For example, one leading solution is a simple two-part system. Installers place a clip at a prescribed distance along the existing purlin, providing a platform for the recessed hat section. Once these two pieces are in place, the new roof panels can be installed.
  • Strength: Retrofts can increase negative and positive loads of a new roof system. By using an overlay system, positive loads like snow weight are held away from the existing corrugated roof. By using a deflection limiter system, the new roof system may have the ability to meet higher load requirements imposed by new building codes. Consult a professional engineer.

Consider a TopHat Framing Systems solution for your next corrugated roof retrofit job! Including this advanced metal roof overlay approach into your design solutions can save you time and money, make the job safer, and make the roof stronger.